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DYN Minecraft Research Project

Exploring the feasibility of minecraft as a platform for computational learning

DYN Minecraft Launcher

Client side application to manage installation of all the components necessary to log into the Minecraft server. Updates mods and assets as needed and accepts the generated credentials from the roster application.

Minecraft Roster Builder and License Linker

This is a demo page without real credentials

A web application to link Chicago City of Learning (CCOL) event rosters to a pool of Minecraft accounts. Creates credentials for students to use to log in during minecraft sessions based on their CCOL login information. The temporary accounts are linked to their CCOL id so when students return for follow up events their previous activity history is also retrieved.

Account Creator

For accounts not linked to a City of Learning account another web application was developed. This was meant to handle admin and mentor accounts since most of those users are not CCOL users.